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Lasalle Bakery

Life is sweet at LaSalle Bakery and we’re grateful for it every day. What are the ingredients of our happiness? Let’s begin with an old school, old-world, no-shortcut philosophy that keeps us sure and grounded. Add in an unshakeable insistence on baking with nothing but the best and a family of treasured employees, without whom we’d be nothing.

At LaSalle, our wonderful customers bring their friendly, warm energy to the mix. It’s so easy to take care of them as if they are friends, because they are!

We love being an institution! We’ve been a part of our community for decades and give back with an open heart. We love being able to offer a comfortable spot where friends feel right at home. We show them love with our magnificent pastries, cakes, cookies, pies and breads – and they return it to us with their loyalty and support. There’s a “culture” at LaSalle Bakery that’s hard to describe, but easy to feel.

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